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EU and Development Cooperation

As the world's biggest aid donor, and as one of the world's biggest trade blocks, trhe European Union is a big influence on global development.  For this reason, and because much of Ireland's foreign policy is shaped by EU decisions, Irish NGOs take an active interest in the EU's "external policies".

Dóchas and Other NGOs on the EU

CONCORD documents

EU Documents on Development

Dóchas and Other NGOs on the EU



CONCORD Documents


AidWatch Report 2013: The Unique role of European aid, the fight against global poverty 

AidWatch Special Report 2012: Making Sense of EU Development Cooperation Effectiveness  

AidWatch Report 2012: Invest More in Global Development 

Report: Spotlight on EU Policy Coherence for Development 

AidWatch Report 2011: Getting EU aid fit for the fight against poverty 

Between austerity and political will: EU Members States ODA budgets in 2011 (AidWatch Briefing)

CONCORD Response to EC Green Paper: EU Development policy in support of inclusive growth and sustainable development: Increasing the impact of EU Development Policy

CONCORD Narrative on Development: EU responsibilities for a just and sustainable world

AidWatch Report 2010: Penalty Against Poverty: More and better EU aid can score Millennium Development Goals

Spotlight on Policy Coherence - Report 2009

Recommendations for safeguarding development policy principles and objectives in in the future EU institutional framework

AidWatch Report 2009: “Lighten the load: In a time of crisis, European aid has never been more important”

AidWatch Report: “No Time to Waste: European governments behind schedule on aid quantity and quality”


EU Documents on Development

EU contribution to the Millennium Development Goals (2013)

A DECENT LIFE FOR ALL: Ending poverty and giving the world a sustainable future 

Understanding EU Development Cooperation – August 2007

The European Consensus on Development

The EU’s Development Policy Statement: “The European Consensus on Development” - November 2005