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NGO Accountability Paper (March 2006)

Accountabiltiy: A Matter of Trust

How to identify an effective NGO

Guidelines for Annual reports and Financial statements

NGO Accountabilty Bibliography (March 2006)


Partnership guidelines


Assessment of Organisational Compatibility (Checklist 1)

Basic Capacity Assessment of a Potential Partner Organisation (Checklist 2)

Potential Added Value of a Partnership (Checklists 3A - 3E)

Project/Grant Agreements with Partners (Checklist 4)

Effective Partnerships for Development Results (Checklist 5)


Dóchas Checklists, Templates and Other Useful Tools


Dóchas conflict of interest policy

Guidelines on Partnerships with Southern CSOs

Checklist for Board Self-Evaluation

Board Meeting Evaluation Sheet

Corporate Governance Assessment Tool

Dóchas Report on a Review of the Annual Reports and Financial Statements of Dochas Members

What is the Code of Corporate Governance

Accounting and Reporting by Charities: Statement of Recommended Practice (Charity Commission)

A Note on Charities SORP

A Handbook of NGO Governance


Other Resources


NGO Partner Survey 2010 (Keystone Performance Surveys)

Who Counts? Financial Report to beneficiaries: improving quality by improving participation ( By Alex Jacobs, Mango)

Listen first - Practical ways of improving accountabilty for NGO's

Key questions to ask any organisation that works with volunteers (Volunteering Options)

"Giving Tips" (Developed by Dóchas and Philanhropy Ireland) (link broken)

The Corporate Governance Association of Ireland

Answering for Ourselves; Accountability for Citizens Organisations (May 2007)

Civil Society Accountability; Issues and Challenges (January 2007)

Accountability in Development Aid - Comhlamh research report (April 2002)


Humanitarian Accountability Project

Emergency Capacity Building project

The Sphere project

People In Aid


To find out more details on how to ensure your organisation maintains high standards of excellence please visit: Standards of Excellence